10 x 25mm Paved Bases.


A classic range of bases, relatively flat contours, perfect for any miniature be it Sci-fi or Fantasy.


Cast in top quality resin.

Supplied Unpainted.

25mm Paved Bases x 10

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  • Although we do give our resin products a wash, you may find that some parts still have a slight glossy sheen to them. This is caused by the releasing spray that we use to make it easy to remove the parts from the moulds. If this is the case you will need some warm tap water and a mild abrasive cleaner, such as washing-up liquid, DON’T USE ANY BLEACH. Put the parts into the soapy water and leave them to soak for 5-10 minutes, then thoroughly scrub each part with an old toothbrush. When finished dry the parts and you are good to go.

    Some Resin pieces are produced from silicone moulds that usually have a split line. Consequently there will often be a slight line on the model that shows where the mould joins together. These are usually very fine, but nevertheless they will need removing so that they don't show up after painting. Mould lines can be easily removed by scraping with the edge of a modelling knife or scalpel or using a file to take away the line. Use the knife scraping with the blade leaning away from the model so that the blade does not dig in. It doesn’t take long to do, but your model with look loads better if you take a few moments to prepare them properly.

    We do recommend in all cases when you are ready to paint your model that you undercoat it with a single colour to begin with, there are many under coating sprays and paints available. If you do not have an undercoat spray then we suggest you use either flat black or white acrylic paint and water it down so you do not loose and detail of the model.

  • At Moonkraft Games we like to have happy customers and if there is a problem then we want to know about it. Although we do everything to check your product is as good as it can be, if something is broken or not up to scratch then we will take it back. 

    If this is the case just get in contact and we will help you from there. We may need the products returned to us including the packaging that it was sent out in.

    Unfortunately it is a reality that some people will try to take advantage so we may decide not to accept returns for the following reasons:

    The order is over 21 days old.

    A model that has been assembled, undercoated or painted.

    The item was not bought directly from us (in this case please return it to the retailed that you purchased it from).

    Any items that have been damaged during transit will need to be reported within 5 days of receipt of order.

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